Posted by: Roary Star | October 21, 2011


I have been inactive because I am playing SmallWorlds, Travian, War2 Glory, Roblox, and Sploder a lot.

Here are the counts for the servers:
SmallWorlds 1 server (The whole game)
Travian 2 servers (US3 and US7)
War2 Glory 2 servers (Belfast and Garand)
Roblox 1 server (The whole game, not really)
Sploder 1 server (The whole game, not really)
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Posted by: Roary Star | June 13, 2011


I’m Roary Star (this is NOT my real name, do not make fun).

This blog is about me and I will be adding things here and there.
Make sure you read the rules once it is posted.

Contests will start when I get more than 100 views every day.

I will post anything I think is interesting, along with updates.

Have a great day!